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      Casein Protein

      Casein protein, abundant in milk and dairy, is famed for its slow digestion, offering a sustained amino acid release. Comprising 80% of cow's milk protein, it's integral to dairy products. With a complete profile of essential amino acids, it supports normal bodily functions. Athletes and health-conscious individuals favor it for muscle repair and growth. Its value lies in its muscle-building properties and sustained nutrient delivery.


      • Slow rate of digestion: Casein protein has a slow rate of digestion, which results in a continuous release of amino acids that are necessary for muscle growth and repair.
      • Muscle Recovery: Casein Protein helps in quicker muscle healing after physical activity, which lessens discomfort and enhances performance. .
      • Muscle Growth: Consumption of Casein protein promotes the growth and strength of muscles, particularly when combined with resistance training. .
      • Nutrition and Satiety: Casein is a complete protein source that is needed for the production of key amino acids and overall health. It also helps to regulate weight by encouraging sensations of fullness.

      Casein Prices in India

      Price (1kg)
      Calcium Caseinate 1799/-
      Micellar Casein 1665/-

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      The main source of casein protein is milk, specifically cow's milk. It is extracted from milk by procedures like filtration and precipitation and is a naturally occurring ingredient in dairy products

      Casein Protein Powder: Mix this powder in recipes such as protein pancakes or blend it into shakes and smoothies.

      Meal Replacement: For a wholesome choice, replace a meal with a casein protein shake or smoothie.

      Snacking: To promote satiety and muscle regrowth, munch on casein protein bars or other snacks in between meals.

      Whey protein digests quickly, is great for post-workout recovery, and contains a high concentration of BCAA.

      Casein protein digests slowly, providing a consistent amino acid release for long-term muscular support.

      Whey stimulates immediate muscle synthesis after exercise.

      Casein is best before bed or in between meals to promote long-term muscle regeneration.

      Whey is preferred for quick healing, as casein offers long-term assistance.

      Casein protein improves recovery by providing a consistent release of amino acids throughout time, which promotes muscle repair and growth. Its slow digesting rate reduces muscle breakdown, improving overall healing efficiency.